From Wordpress to Symfony 4

On February 1st, I moved on the blog from a WordPress instance to a Symfony-based application hosted by OVH. Why ? There are many reasons for this :

  • I can do it. Yes it sounds stupid, but a personal blog can be built upon a few tables and a reasonable amount of code. Unless you really want to do something big, you don’t need more
  • it was the perfect opportunity to work with Symfony 4 on a live but harmless project (seriously, who cares if I break my own blog ?)

But these are not the only reasons I decided to leave WordPress. The idea came when this news came out. Then this one made me think it probably was a wise decision. And recently this one came as another nail in the coffin (yes, I read The Hacker News). All these flaws are representative of something really bad : Security is not a major matter for Wordpress developers and that’s the main reason I left Wordpress.

Because as an IT professional, I consider that Security MUST be an important topic in every development project. Period.

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